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4 reasons why all women should do resistance training

Uunfortunately there is a wide spread stigma that all women who lift weights will get bulky and masculine looking (not true) for those who lift weights and feeling too bulky there are other factors other than muscle that can contribute to that feeling, a lot of the bulkiness that women complain about may be due […]

The problem with current exercise

Exercise should not be this blind rehearsal of output! for example plugging in to the treadmill or seated stationary bike for an hour watching the screen in front of you. The exercise goal should be to restore or improve qualities in other words exercise that is at the edge of your ability and that is […]

Time to get specific & how to

“Diet & exercise” have been the mantra of preventative health for decades perhaps to the point of becoming cliché and disregarded. This well intended goal to eat better and exercise more is not nearly specific enough to be useful. When it comes to  making change it’s time to be clear about what changes you want […]

Are you getting Health & Fitness Benefits

Are you getting Health & Fitness benefits I believe most people want to look and feel better it’s natural to want that, at move pain free we see exercise as medicine and much like medicine you should get your medicine(exercise) prescribed to you specifically for you when you see your Doctor they will check you(screen […]

Is More Necessarily Better?

Is More Necessarily Better? Many of our clients at one time or another would have heard us say “more is not better, better is better” meaning we tend to focus on the qualitative aspects apposed to the quantitative aspects! this applies to a lot of different scenarios: movement, move well and then move often! Exercise: […]

What you need to know

What You Need To Know We are influenced by advertising/marketing, TV  and social media and within the fitness industry there are many perpetuated myths and half-truths out there! so we want to give you the honest truths about what you need to know so you’re not bluffed by mainstream thinking. One of the biggest myths […]

Prolonged sitting impacts your body

Prolonged sitting impacts your body Our bodies are designed for movement period! Our brains are designed for processing and trying to create efficiency so that we can process more however if we continue to listen to what our brain is telling many of us, then it will constantly suggest that we continue to sit so […]

More than just an exercise

Why do I like the push up so much? Well here are some of the many benefits you get from the push up. You can draw some stability from the floor in using our hand print It Creates Compression for the shoulder joint which when aligned has a reflex rotator cuff stabilizing effect. Challenging trunk […]

Success tip New Year’s resolutions

Success Tip New Year’s resolutions   With New Year’s resolutions, it is particularly important to spend some time on reflection during the end of a year/beginning of a new one. Grab yourself a notebook and spend some time contemplating and then answering the questions below… What have you achieved this year that you are proud […]

Hormones and Fat loss

Hormones and weight loss   (Endocrine system) Play’s a large role in health and weight loss  When we squat heavy or deadlift heavy there is a release of trophic factors GH (growth hormone) and IGF into the systemic circulation, resistance exercises are unique in their ability to assist a profound endocrine response much more than […]