What Is Foam Rolling and How Does It Work!

 Fascial restrictions often occur in response to injury, disease, inactivity, or inflammation, causing fascial tissue to lose elasticity and become dehydrated. When fascia loses its elasticity and becomes dehydrated, fascia can bind around the traumatized areas, causing a fibrous adhesion to form. Fibrous adhesions are known to be painful, prevent normal muscle mechanics (i.e. joint […]

Risk Homeostasis

 Author Malcolm Gladwell Wrote shorts stories. In one particular short story, Gladwell introduces the concept of “risk homeostasis.” Essentially, risk homeostasis refers to the fact that modifications that are designed to make things safer often eventually have a break-even effect on safety because of adaptations to those modifications. In other words, something that should protect […]

Preventative Maintenance

  If you had a prized race horse  you were asked to take care of  for the rest of its life you couldn’t trade it or give it back it was your responsibility  would you give it the best food exercise it rest it and train it? Or would you keep it up late at […]

Positive Attitude

   It turns out a positive attitude can do more than make you feel good; it can also improve the outcome of medical treatments… Neuroscientist Irene Tracey from the University of Oxford has discovered that both positive and negative beliefs determine how well drugs work. Tracey conducted a study in which participants underwent a functional […]

Success Tip New Year’s Resolutions

                                      With New Year’s resolutions, it is particularly important to spend some time on reflection during the end of a year/beginning of a new one. So I would love to take this opportunity to help you do exactly that. Grab yourself a notebook and spend some time contemplating and then answering the questions below… […]

Maybe it is all in the head

In 1974, Robert Ader, a psychologist at the School of Medicine, University of Rochester, discovered that the immune system could learn. This discovery has forced a new look at the relationship between the immune system and the central nervous system. Researchers have found that the chemical messages that operate most extensively in both the brain […]

Laughter the best medicine.

                 They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, turns out they might be right, and in this case, ‘they’ is Michael Miller, MD. The study was conducted at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, and has ‘shown for the first time that laughter is linked to […]

Are Your Genetics Holding You Back?

How much do you believe genetics influence your success (or lack thereof) in trying to get in shape While I can’t answer that question for sure, I can tell you this: how you answer matters most. Sure, your genetic makeup has a huge impact on how you look and how strong you are, though just […]