Strength training is medicine

Strength Training is medicine   I believe there is a misconception or belief in the general public that Aerobic or cardio vascular exercise is the primary fitness training, you only have to go passed any gymnasium to see all the Cardio equipment full will people using them. Now I’m here to tell you it’s NOT […]

Fixing Bad Posture

Fixing Bad posture   In 2013 and with the way technology has advanced over the last 10-15 years we have become a much more sedentary society which has consequences, forward head posture, and kyphosis , stiff immobile hips and so on (even in people who exercise)so what do we do to fix this problem.   […]

Are you Maximizing your true potential

BREAKTHROUGH’S      THIS IS FROM ANTHONY ROBBINS             Fulfilling your dreams and your ability to thrive in the areas of your life that matter most can be simplified by breakthroughs—a moment in time when the impossible becomes possible. If anyone wants to thrive in any area of their life, they have to reach a […]

Best walking plank

This Video show’s a modification I came up with for the suitcase carry, Dan Jon calls loaded carrys upright walking planks This little modification helps correct posture and prevent compensation during the carry this simple but effective exercise has a lot of purpose check it out.    

Your most Important muscle

Diaphragm Understand that the diaphragm is a VERY important muscle for respiration  Breathing is not only an essential function for living but is also a gateway into sympathetic vs. parasympathetic balance, stress and efficiency in the body. The (PRI) postural restoration Institute seem to be the go too in understanding the diaphragm breathing and techniques, […]

Should I run to get fit?

Should I run to get fit?     Were at the end of summer and the weather’s fine and there’s lots of people out exercising this is great! But when I see or hear from people who have stepped out to go for a run to quote ‘get fit’ This concerns me, now not that […]

Why are my muscles stiff?

This is the joint by joint approach Gray Cook is a mentor of mine and he advises: Ribs, vertebrae and lots of muscle and fascia crisscrossing the front and back of the thorax cause thoracic stiffness. We don’t inherently have a lot of mobility there, but we need all we can get. However, stiffness isn’t […]