Success tip New Year’s resolutions

Success Tip New Year’s resolutions   With New Year’s resolutions, it is particularly important to spend some time on reflection during the end of a year/beginning of a new one. Grab yourself a notebook and spend some time contemplating and then answering the questions below… What have you achieved this year that you are proud […]

Hormones and Fat loss

Hormones and weight loss   (Endocrine system) Play’s a large role in health and weight loss  When we squat heavy or deadlift heavy there is a release of trophic factors GH (growth hormone) and IGF into the systemic circulation, resistance exercises are unique in their ability to assist a profound endocrine response much more than […]

Back Pain Article

Back pain Article I am not a therapist I’m a movement and performance coach and this is a collection of information I’ve gathered over the 16 years in the fitness industry. There is not one type of back pain there are many different variations of back pain. I myself have a lower back disc injury […]

The Secret you don’t know about the core

The Secret you don’t know about the core     The word Core and Core training has really become the buzz word around the health and fitness industry and in the general public as well, Most people who talk about their programs you will hear mention the core or core exercises they’re doing you may […]

How to get more mobility and why

How to get more mobility and why   At move pain free the goal is to help clients restore and improve quality’s , so before adding any capacity to exercise we want to ensure movement competency is there and to do that we need to strip away any of our movement barriers. Most movement barriers […]