After training and competing more than 10 years (intensely) and feeling bullet proof my first reality check came in late 2001 in the way of 2 ruptured disc’s L4/L5 having to make the choice of either surgery or intense physio (I chose physio) this injury coupled with other’s changed my mindset and approach and enabled me to learn more about injury prevention prehab / rehab training skills

Now with over 22 years of training and running thousands of personal training sessions I have the skills and experience with the philosophy to move better , move stronger , move longer.

Steve has been a master trainer since the late 90’s with over 14 years experience in the fitness industry. Steve has trained many different client demographics and various backgrounds with clients age’s ranging from teenage to 90 years young. Steve’s weight training experience dates back over 20 years as well as being a certified strength and conditioning coach  And RKC Kettlbell Instructor , while competing in Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, bodybuilding and martial arts at state and national level with successful outcomes .Through various training styles and programs Steve has a vast amount of knowledge to share, as a certified personal trainer/strength coach and advanced postural analyses he is always expanding and updating