4 reasons why all women should do resistance training

Uunfortunately there is a wide spread stigma that all women who lift weights will get bulky and masculine looking (not true) for those who lift weights and feeling too bulky there are other factors other than muscle that can contribute to that feeling, a lot of the bulkiness that women complain about may be due to higher than ideal levels of body fat which are attributable largely to diet! so here are the 4 reasons why women should do resistance training reason#1 Muscle is the engine that turns the food you eat into energy! in other words muscle is more metabolic so you will burn more calories at rest (muscle burns fats) #2 resistance training makes you stronger to carry out daily tasks in life with ease thus giving you greater confidence. #3 resistance training slows down the ageing process (loss of muscle is one of the main factors of ageing) you can maintain more activity strength, mobility and an increase in bone density. #4 Resistance training has a positive effect on mental health and increase in one’s confidence, can help reduce stress and also help improve sleep, exercise in general is imperative for your health and wellbeing.

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