The problem with current exercise

Exercise should not be this blind rehearsal of output! for example plugging in to the treadmill or seated stationary bike for an hour watching the screen in front of you. The exercise goal should be to restore or improve qualities in other words exercise that is at the edge of your ability and that is dosed in the amount that will challenge you but your successful. The workout alone shouldn’t be the focus but the result. The rewards come from exercise when we positively challenge our motor programing so that we’re working the body and the brain together the two are not mutually exclusive. The problem with current day exercise is that it’s purely focused on the quantitative aspects meaning how much you can do of something or how many yet when we look at the moving art forms of exercise say gymnastics, dance, martial arts these are more qualitative based exercise meaning the quality of movement and technique is the focus and then the workout becomes the result. The other benefit to qualitative training is when you are more efficient with exercise you can get more from less! which is why at move pain free we train our clients this way  so that you the client is getting results and not just a workout!!  RFESS

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