Time to get specific & how to

“Diet & exercise” have been the mantra of preventative health for decades perhaps to the point of becoming cliché and disregarded. This well intended goal to eat better and exercise more is not nearly specific enough to be useful. When it comes to  making change it’s time to be clear about what changes you want to make! It’s good to have a weight loss goal or to drop a dress size or pants size goal however you need to be more specific on things like ” what behaviors do I need to change or remove” so pick one behavior you need to change or improve and then work on that everyday (frequency being the key) to make that behavior stick! Now it may not be weight loss related we’re using this as an example, If you’re not sure where to start then ask yourself this question “what can I do better with the way I eat” the amount I eat or the food types, my organization, my preparation, my monitoring etc. Pick the one area you know you need to improve and make yourself accountable. Most of us will take immediate gratification over long term success, so ask yourself what is my big picture, long term benefit! if we don’t focus on the big picture (and the emotion behind it) it’s almost impossible to avoid being the target for the powerful emotions of instant gratification!!ID-100109599

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