Are you getting Health & Fitness Benefits

Are you getting Health & Fitness benefits

I believe most people want to look and feel better it’s natural to want that, at move pain free we see exercise as medicine and much like medicine you should get your medicine(exercise) prescribed to you specifically for you when you see your Doctor they will check you(screen you) and assess you and then prescribe the medicine specifically for you! not for your partner your sibling or your friends, we also screen and assess you and with exercise we customize and specialize the exercise for you. Your medicine will also have a dose and frequency however if you take the wrong dose or wrong medicine then this could have consequences, and just like exercise you need the right exercise selection the right exercise integrity with the right dose and frequency and if you don’t then just like medicine you could also have consequences or at best lack of results! the flip side is when you do have it right then you’ll yield great benefits. We as professionals at our profession know how to do this as myself having nearly 20 years in the fitness industry we’ve honed our craft with the continuous education of skills, science judgement and the art of coaching, unfortunately this is not something you can get from a 3 week course.

Having your mind and body work together in exercise is a great step toward getting your health and not just that fact of moving often but move better then move often as opposed to doing some random exercise with some trainer or instructor yelling or chirping in your ear berating you to exercise till exhaustion  not unlike we see on some TV shows, the takeaway point is first obtain your health (moving better feeling better) then you’ll have a platform for your fitness progress, work on your mindset (attitude) raise your standards and hold yourself to them.

There’s a reason why it is called Health & Fitness NOT fitness & health don’t you think

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