What you need to know

What You Need To Know

We are influenced by advertising/marketing, TV  and social media and within the fitness industry there are many perpetuated myths and half-truths out there! so we want to give you the honest truths about what you need to know so you’re not bluffed by mainstream thinking. One of the biggest myths out there is the cardio myth! the belief that you can burn off through a workout what you ate or drank last night, the truth is cardio is NOT the right tool for the weight loss or fat loss job, the bottom line is you cannot out train or out exercise a poor or average diet full STOP. Nutrition is the right tool for fat loss so doing more cardio does not guarantee you weight loss! more cardio will improve your cardiovascular health and works well as an adjunct to a good frequent nutrition (day in day out) and strength program. To illustrate my point there is research to prove this and there is almost zero evidence that steady state cardio works for fat loss. A study where researches looked at all the trails on aerobic exercise (14 studies involving 1847 participants) and in short the average weight loss after 1 YEAR of cardiovascular exercise was only 1.75 kg the researches concluded this ” our results show that isolated aerobic exercise is not an effective weight loss therapy” so please don’t think like the rest of the general public and that just doing more cardio will give you the weight loss/fat loss result your after so don’t fall in the trap, even if you think your diet is good this is still where you need to put your focus on  FREQUENCY use a daily food log to mirror what you’re doing every day the more consistent and frequent you are with this the better your results will be FULL STOP.

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