Your most Important muscle


Understand that the diaphragm is a VERY important muscle for respiration

 Breathing is not only an essential function for living but is also a gateway into sympathetic vs. parasympathetic balance, stress and efficiency in the body.

The (PRI) postural restoration Institute seem to be the go too in understanding the diaphragm breathing and techniques, so if the diaphragm muscle is being used as a postural muscle instead of a respiratory muscle the system is in jeopardy and unbalanced, But when used for respiratory this allows for reciprocal alteration function of the body which to me is like resetting the system (neutrally) I have personally witnessed mobility changes of 100% in literally 10 min with a few diaphragm breathing techniques.

In proper breathing patterns we have interplay of eccentric and concentric contractions of the diaphragm and deep abdominals.

When we inhale through the nose our diaphragm concentrically contracts and then when we exhale our deep abdominal muscles contract concentrically (transverse abdominal, internal oblique, multifedies, and pelvic floor) etc.  Here is a 3d video that show’s how the diaphragm works





People who live in extension (hyperextended back) have a hard time getting all their air out when breathing.(We have exercise’s to combat this) That is mainly because the diaphragm is in a disadvantageous position to eccentrically contract (exhalation phase) properly. When breathing out the ribs should come down to allow optimal eccentric contraction of the diaphragm. With people in hyperextension this just doesn’t happen because their ribs are flared out in the front, and it becomes impossible for them to come down.

The diaphragm sits higher on the right side and is supported by the liver on the right side the diaphragm attaches to 3 vertebras on the right lumber and 2 vertebra on the left.

As you can see the diaphragm is such an important muscle and it attaches and has an effect on so much of our trunk anatomy which is why at move pain free we  make a big deal about our breathing and how we Breath.

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Steve .B