Should I run to get fit?

Should I run to get fit?



Were at the end of summer and the weather’s fine and there’s lots of people out exercising this is great!

But when I see or hear from people who have stepped out to go for a run to quote ‘get fit’

This concerns me, now not that I want to discourage people from exercise no I want people moving! A lot of people who go for that run haven’t run for 1, 2, and 3 years or longer and they want to lose some kg so they go for a run.

Now the first step to losing a few kilos is change your diet! This doesn’t require any exercise but it does require organization and effort so here is the problem with running when you haven’t done it for a while and your organism has changed meaning your body has changed you now have your neural pathways to adjust to your body change this means your movement patterns aren’t what they used to be.

As a western society we have agriculture to feed us modern conveniences to minimize our activity and technology to keep us on our bums!! Now you have some more kilos than you used to so you go for a run to get them off.

I’ll keep this brief to explain: When you have altered movement patterns this means you will get movement compensation (our brains are brilliant) you’re neurological brain will send messages to move and it will move around dysfunction pain or inefficiency to get the task done meanwhile you are none the wiser.This will lead to pain discomfort and or injury (can’t exercise if your injured)   mean while your compensation leads to inefficiency and passive stability (Stabilizing on boney connective tissue)

Hope this doesn’t happen to you!

Best thing to do is get a movement screen to evaluate your movement and get you moving better so you can enjoy your exercise and get results!

As a FMS professional I can help you with this (Check out the home page)

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