How to get more mobility and why

How to get more mobility and why


At move pain free the goal is to help clients restore and improve quality’s , so before adding any capacity to exercise we want to ensure movement competency is there and to do that we need to strip away any of our movement barriers.

Most movement barriers are either mobility or stability related or both, so why do we chase more mobility?

Well we don’t have clients do mobility drills or stretching exercises because we want them to be flexible the reason we want more mobility is for more sensory awareness with more sensory awareness we have a better opportunity to stabilize and align our joints more optimally this sets the platform for better movement quality.

 There are many ways you can improve mobility and one of the best and I believe is the most important is proper breathing drills. I’ve been training clients for over 15 years now (that’s 1000s of appointments) and I’m a big believer in continuous education. Over the last few years following the Postural restoration institute I have learnt a lot about breathing and how it works and what it can do. I have personal witness mobility improvements of over 100% in 5 min with good breathing techniques it can have a profound impact.

In our society most of us are inhalers meaning we use our accessary muscles to breathe with our upper chest our neck and shoulder muscles this is not what there designed to do but they can! Which intern limits the use of our diaphragm? This makes these muscles over used and over toned and guess what stiff!

This Apical breathing pattern also has an effect on the nervous system, the shallow breathing that we do is keeping us in a sympathetic state (fight or flight) which can also create anxiety  and we have a catch 22 and around it go’s .

Here is a video of a diaphragm breathing reset drill  the object is to re learn how to fully exhale start with slow controlled inhale through the nose and long exhale through the mouth( all the air out) do at least 10 of these but it will take practice.


Once you master this it will help release some of that overtone and you’ll be able to mobilize better.

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