Quite often we forget about the calories we drink these hidden calories could be holing you back from getting that weight loss goal or health / fitness improvement’s


1 Gram Alcohol = 7 Calories   (The average soft drink contains 9 teaspoons of sugar)

1 Can of full strength beer = 131 calories

1 x 30ml straight spirit = 112 calories

1 serving glass bourbon & coke = 120 calories

1 small glass red = 94 calories 1 bottle =585 calories

1 medium coffee full milk no sugar = 165 calories

1 can coke approx = 150 calories

1 glass 250ml cordial = 70 calories

These extra calories quickly add up!

Average height & weight person doing running at approx 10 km hr

For 10 min straight burns about 200 calories.

Walking at approx 5km hr for 30 min burns about 200 calories.

Look at how many Calories you can reduce by changing your fluids to just water. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLANGE ?

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