3 Steps to transform your body


I’m going to give you 3 steps to transforming your body and none of them are exercise or nutrition tips, Yea I know this doesn’t make sense coming from a trainer but these just might change the way you look at getting shape.


#1 Get productive: Have you ever wondered why some people manage to get so much done in a day while others manage to do nothing yet we all have the same 24 hours in a day

Getting productive means getting things done sounds simple right well I’m not talking about a massive project or being super organized  nor am I talking about an endless shopping list of things to do, many people will have great Ideas but not that many will capitalize on it.

What we need to do is get a finishing mind set whatever it is you do you need to finish, finish it not 50% done not 90% done but finished when you get things done it really changes the way you feel you feel empowered you get energized and improve self-esteem, yet when you’re not finishing things then they get added to the things to do list this has the opposite feeling, overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain which attacks your self-confidence. Because transforming your body requires you to change your current mindset this first step lay’s the platform for you to successfully do that.



#2 change your mindset: people here this a lot but what does it mean? This is a big topic too big for this article but if you have a goal weather it’s lose weight getting in shape these are the steps to follow #1 Acknowledge; you need to acknowledge to obtain this goal you need to make change, change from what your currently doing.

  #2 Accept: you need to accept and be on good terms with this change and look at the positives.

#3Action, Start straight away to make changes no matter how small don’t wait till tomorrow even the littlest things get the ball rolling.



#3 Honor self-promises: this is extremely important to getting self-confidence and self-belief.

No one’s going to know if you break a promise to yourself it’s not like you’ll get pulled over by the police and fined, but the subconscious knows and this has consequences in terms of believing or trusting in yourself. My advice is DON’T break self-promises do what you say you’re going to do to yourself so make your tasks and objectives specific.

These 3 steps may seem minimal or insignificant but in the big picture to transforming your body they are essential.

Changing your body or your health requires the mind to change these two go together so don’t just think it’s about exercise!


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