Are You Frustrated With Not Being Able To Get In Shape Because Every Time You TRY That Old Injury Comes Back To Haunt YOU?

Does this sound familiar?

You no longer run nor do any lower body exercise cause those darned knees flare up!
Or maybe you’ve thought “I’m just getting too old to do any of that stuff anymore

Endorsement from DR Luke Nelson

As a sports chiropractor with 12 years’ experience, I have come across and worked with many a personal trainer in the past. The team at Move Pain Free are not your average personal trainers; the exceptional results they get with their clients are a result of their passion and dedication to their craft, with a huge amount of additional education completed. As a health practitioner also utilising the FMS/SFMA systems, we are able to speak the same language, making the transition from rehabilitation to performance a seamless one. I could not recommend the team at Move Pain Free more highly.

Luke Nelson
Sports Chiropractor
B App Sci (Clin Sci.)/B Chiro Sci, ICSSD, Postgrad.Dip.Sport Chiro, M.Sport.Sci
Chiropractic Solutions

Who is the move pain free training systems for?

  • The person who is unhappy with their movement or pain barriers preventing them from getting in shape.
  • The person who lacks direction and doesn’t know where to start
  • If you’re interested in anti-ageing or biological age reduction then we have a program for you.
  • The person who has stopped and started their exercise only to get frustrated with their lack of results!
  • Been trying for years to achieve your goals but just can’t get there.
  • Confused by all the conflicting information out there.
  • Wants to follow an uncomplicated system that works and gets results!

Getting in shape and shedding kilos can be a challenge in itself, but when pain is onboard this only intensifies.

So what if I said there was a better way.

A way to get in shape and move pain free!

Being able to move pain free is a game changer!

Not only does your body feel better but your attitude and mindset changes as well.

Who is the move pain free system not for!

If you’re not 100% committed to making change and getting results or improving your biological age and longevity then this is properly not for you.

Cassie was committed, check out what she had to say:

Cassie Field

For the last 12 months I have been training once a week with Steve Bailey and I have found him to be a fantastic coach. I think it’s important to find a trainer like Steve who looks out for you, that includes finding and fixing (movement) problems, planning programs for long term benefits and adapting programs at short notice, but above all  constantly focusing on technique for your own saftey and achieving results.  I think his manner sets him apart, there’s no yelling, berating or macho posturing as can be commonly found in gyms these days. He is polite and friendly at all times while still making you work hard. He seems to have an innate understanding of your limits, which is more than what you think but never set at the impossible. His high level of expertise in exercise science is evident and he is always happy to share this knowledge. If you want truly high level functional strength training than Steve is the person you should be training with. If you’ve got/had problems and want proper rehab/pre-hab with your training than Steve is the person you should be working with. If you want to work hard, learn and have a good time at the gym then Steve is the person to go to.

What will I get at move pain free training systems?

  • A qualified specialist taking you through a functional movement screen.
  • A tailored made program for your specific needs and goals
  • A qualified performance trainer supporting you achieving your results
  • Access to extensive video library for the exercises and home programs

And much, much more.

Why the FMS.

The FMS is a proven system for screening fundamental movement with current research supporting its reliability and identifying A symmetries and or movement dysfunction. This allows for the specialist trainer to program with accuracy specifically towards your needs and goals.

But how much is this going to cost?

The cost can vary considerably depending on your choice of programs, desired goals and outcomes but what I can tell you is for less than the cost of some gym memberships you can be on your way to getting the results you desire.

But here’s another reason you should try us out

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